About Gwynne Young, MSJ

What distinguishes me from other editors?

My philosophy

It is your content, not mine.

Too many editors think that editing means a complete rewrite. My J-school copy editing instructor taught us never to edit just to make changes. You, the author, should always feel that it is your content. Changes should make you feel good and not as though you have lost control of your work.

My flexibility

I edit to a purpose.

I understand that in advertising and merchandising, you want to be more conversational, and that's OK. But I will shift into high gear to make sure that your business reports are held to the highest standards.

My speed, efficiency and timeliness

You will get your edited content when I promise you will get it.

If I have a full plate, I will tell you in advance, and we will schedule your work accordingly. That's also why I charge by the original word count, not by the hour. So I don't cheat you or feel the need to take more time than I need to do a good and thorough job. And that way, I can manage my time without looking at the clock and cutting off your work for someone else's.

My versatility

I can take care of your other publishing needs.

I can set up your publishing organization, establishing a manageable editorial calendar, style guide and even an entire workflow system for accepting, proofing and publishing content.

I have edited technical magazine articles, website help desks, marketing collateral, business-to-consumer website content and business-to-business website content in addition to deadline news articles.

My skill set

  • Expert in Web Content Management
  • Expert Editing and Writing
  • Thorough Knowledge of Grammar and Punctuation
  • Expert at Establishing Voice
  • Expert at Setting, Maintaining Style (AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style)
  • Expert HTML (with and without editing program)
  • Expert Web User Interface
  • Expert in Microsoft Office applications and adept at picking up new applications
  • C Programming Language (novice)
  • Comfortable with a variety of content management systems, including WordPress and Drupal